Do I need to be young and fit to start?

No! You will be asked about any health issues when you join the club as these need to be notified to British Taekwondo for insurance purposes and taken into account during class but taekwondo is suitable for all ages with people regularly practising and competing into their 60s and beyond!

You will be allowed to work at your own pace.

Taekwondo is suitable for all ages with age categories of up to 66+ in poomsae competitions.

You are never too old to start Taekwondo and it is a great way of keeping fit, meeting new people and having fun.

Students who have started in their 40s and 50s have gone on to achieve Dan Grades.


What will I gain from studying Taekwondo.

Teakwondo is a great way to get fit, increase your stamina and boost your energy.

It increases focus balance and co-ordination and can increase flexibility as well as just being a good way to work out.

Taekwondo also teaches discipline, focus, respect and can help build confidence.

It is a good social form of exercise and a great way to meet new people


What do I need to practice Taekwondo?

  1. A licence - In order to become a member of the club you will need to take out a yearly licence with British Taekwondo.

    This provides you with insurance cover and enables you to attend British Taekwondo events and competitions.

  2. Whilst loose clothing may be worn for initial training sessions you will after a few weeks be required to buy a “Dobok” ( the white suit worn by Taekwondo practitioners).

  3. Kup grades must wear a dobok with a white collar whilst dan grades wear a dobok with a black collar.

  4. Protective wear– this is essential when students begin to spar and we would recommend that students buy at least a head and body protector as soon as possible.

    As a student progresses through the grades they will also need leg arm and groin protection and potentially foot protection if they wish.

    James will obtain your licence for you when you join the club and advise on the fee payable. He will also be able to advise on the purchase of doboks and protective wear.

  5. Water - always make sure you bring plenty of water with you to class, Taekwondo can be thirsty work!


How often should I train?

To make sufficient progress to be able to grade regularly we recommend that you train twice a week